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Steam cleaners are made to keep bacteria away, steam cleaning is the key to keeping our homes safe,
clean and hygienic. Steam cleaners also known as steam mops are tremendous tools for cleaning floors
ranging from mopping hard floors to lifting grime from carpets. Steam naturally wipes out stubborn stains
and kills germs without having to resort to using harsh chemicals. Heat treatments have been shown to be
effective at killing viruses on a variety of hard floor surfaces including hardwood floors, tile and more and
one of the best things of a steam cleaner is that it disinfects surfaces using heat to destroy germs. They are
portable and make light of cleaning floors and keeping your home extra clean especially in areas where
harsh chemicals cannot be used as it requires nothing more than water.
Steam cleaners are handy, beneficial and environmentally friendly substitutes to traditional cleaning
methods including mops, buckets and detergents. For convenience, below is a list of our top 10 best
steam cleaners.


steam cleaners

In depth Reviews of top 10 Products

1. McCulloclk MC1375 canister steam cleaner with 20 accessories, extra long power cord, chemical free cleaning for most floors, counters, appliances, windows, autos
2. BISSEL 39N7A / 39N71 steam shot Deluxe Hard surface cleaner, light green
3. Shark Genius hard floor cleaning system pocket (SS003D) steam mop
4. BISSEL Symphony Vac and steam 2 in 1 vacuum and steam moo for hardwood and tile floors, 4 mop pads included
5. SIENNA plus steam mop multi purpose hand held steamer hardwood floor, tile cleaner, 150watts, 212 degree
6. Sargent steam cleaner cleaning system, Multipurpose, high pressure, vapor steamer machine - best for commercial, industrial, home or car
7. Pursteam world's best steam chemical-free cleaning Pursteam handheld pressurized steam cleaner with 9 pieces accessory purpose and multi-surface
8. O-Cedar microfiber steam mop with extra refill
9. BISSEL Little Green proheat portable carpet and upholstery cleaner
10. SANITAIRE SC6090B Commercial upright carpet extractor with 2-stage motor

Table of content

1. Criteria Used for Evaluation
2. Frequently Asked Questions

The McCullock MC1375 canister steam system is a multipurpose steam cleaner great for cleaning and
mopping using ordinary water heated to over 200 °F, the MC1375 effectively and naturally cleans and
sanitizes a wide variety of surfaces. The MC1375 includes 20 versatile accessories and variable stran
control for blasting away tough grease and grime.

Key Features and Details:
  • Chemical free cleaning
  • 20 accessories which includes a floor mop, mop pads, nylon brushes, brass brush, angled nozzle scrub pad, scraper, squeegee 18ft extension wand, microfiber map pad, scrubbing mop pad, 5.5” jet nozzle, 15” nylon utility brush, angled nozzle, 3” scraper, 13” / 8.5” large mop head, bristle brush attachment, storage bag, fill cup, accessory kit, 25” round brush, 2.5” round scrub pads.
  • Large capacity tank.
  • Extra long 18 foot power cord and 10 for steam hose.
  • Versatile.


  • Provides a powerful steam blast.
  • Long cord and hose offer great mobility.
  • 10 minute heat uptime.
  • Naturally deep clean without the use of chemicals using hot pressured steam to eliminate grease, grim, mold from a wide range of surfaces.
  • Steam kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria.
  • Heats up water under 12 minutes and provides up to 10 minute of steam.
  • Its features allow maneuverability and reach for advice hard to get places.
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty.
  • Perfect for all surfaces.
  • Incredibly mobile and portable.
  • Safe for a wide range of surface and materials.


  • Connective places and buttons get stuck.
  • Steam loses heat quickly.
Steam is an all natural cleaner that can sanitize when used as directed to clear sticky spots and eliminate dirt all without the use of harsh chemicals. Get rid of your mop and bucket and get the all natural, barefoot clean floors. It is great for sanitizing sealed surfaces, including granite countertops commonly found in bathrooms and kitchens.

Key Features and Details:
  • 1000 watt power rating.
  • 20ft power cord length.
  • Includes accessories, nozzle, extension brush, fabric steamer, window squeegee, angle concentrator and detail brush.
  • 6.6 ounce toxic capacity.
  • Powerful high pressure steam cleaner with easy to press trigger.


  • Easy to use.
  • Heats up in 30 seconds.
  • Used to sanitize surfaces.
  • Completely chemical free with no harmful fumes or residue.
  • Steaming is safe on almost all sealed hard surfaces including ceramic, vinyl, laminate, granite, marble and sealed hardwood.
  • Drying takes just seconds.
  • Easy to clean anytime, anywhere.
  • It is quick and easy.
  • Perfect for hard to reach areas.
  • Includes fabric steaming tools.
  • Easy to set up, use and is compact.


  • Tripping hazard
  • It is heavy
This is the easiest steam mop ever, with the right selection for all your cleaning needs from everyday quick cleanups to whole room deep cleaning. The steam mop not only clean your floors amazingly well, its three setting electronic intelligent steam control allows you the ideal amount of steam in every situation. Cleans and sanitizes sealed, hard floors. The shark steam mop has three settings depending on the type if floor and level of dirtiness. No need to worry about mops and buckets. Get the all – in – one floor cleaner.

Key Features and Details:
  • 220 mm 3 sitting intelligent steam control capacity.
  • Double sided dirt grip washable pads.
  • Genius head with direct system channeling.
  • Touch free technology.
  • Steam blaster technology. ( never use bleach, powdered detergent, fabric softeners as they may damage or leave a coating in pads.


  • Direct stream channeling. Distributes steam through the pocket, generating an ultra wide cleaning zone for your dirty grip pads to absorb and trap dirt.
  • Easily loosen debris from grout lines, crevices and corners with powerful burst if targeted steam (mop heads).
  • Dirt grip pads are washable and reusable.
  • Dirt grip pads are super absorbent, with strips of gripping materials to easily lose and lock in dirt.
  • Comfortable design.


  • No scrubbing tools.
Allows you to vacuum up dirt and debris and steam clean your hard floors at the same time, sanitize your floor using the natural power of steam to eliminate 99.9% of germs and bacteria. With the easy touch digital controls you can easily switch between functions while cleaning, so you can vacuum at the same time or separately. Safe to use of sealed hard floors including hard wood, tile, ceramic, linoleum, marble and granite.

Key Features and Details:
  • Dry tank technology.
  • Powerful cyclonic vacuum.
  • Accessory kit includes a washable soft mop pad and a washable scrubby wash pad.
  • 2 year warranty.
  • Power cord length 25ft.
  • Tank capacity of 12 802.


  • With the detachable mop pad tray, you can change the mop pad easily and simply.
  • Easy touch digital controls i.e you easily switch between functions while cleaning so you can vacuum and steam.
  • Keeps moisture out while you clean so your dirt tank is completely dry.
  • Saves time and energy.


  • You have to be connected to Wi-Fi to enjoy all the features.
It has 3 levels of adjustable steam control worth illumination from q powerful LED light so the unit comes with multiple attachments so you can use it for a variety of purposes. A distinction is it’s vibrating motion that assists in removing grime and debris.

Key Features and Details:
  • LED headlight
  • Reusable microfiber pad
  • Accessories include carpet glider kit, 2 washable eco – microfiber cleaning pads, a custom fill cup, 12 piece accessory kit and a storage bag with a cleaning steaming head, window squeegee, 10 microfiber pad, 4 nylon brushes, 2 brass brushes, concentrator nozzle extension hose and has a holder strap.
  • First steam cleaning system of it's kind combining sonic micro pulse technology


  • Portable.
  • Energy saving.
  • Heats in 30 seconds.
  • Led headlight illuminates the cleaning path and highlights areas that need cleaning


  • Pipe is not included in the package
The Sargent steam cleaner brings to comfort the way you clean your home, offices, car, and just almost anything.

Key Features and Details:
  • High-Pressure steam cleaner system.
  • Comes with 17 attachments.
  • Deep cleaning for multiple surfaces.
  • Powerful steam of 298°.
  • Active steam that provides a quick kill on all types of bacteria.
  • Multiple attachments for flexible use.


  • Portable
  • Heavy-duty cleaner
  • Protect your home investment
  • TheWipeout dirt on contact without harsh, toxic cleaning chemicals.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Saves time and is easy to use.
  • Cleans it all( all surfaces and all form of dirt or grease)


  • Pipe is not included in the package
This Steam cleaner gives you full access to clean areas that are hard-to-reach

Key Features and Details:
  • Premium quality components
  • Fast, effective and reliable
  • Fast heating of 3-4 minutes
  • 9 piece heavy duty accessory set for easy cleaning
  • 9.8ft cord


  • 100% natural steam cleaning
  • It helps to kill bacteria on places where detergent can't penetrate
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Safe for use on all surfaces including washable wallpapers, wool and cotton carpet, laminate tiles etc.


  • Pipe is not included in the package
This steam mop can be used on both hard and soft surface flooring , it is versatile and completely packed with the needed accessory without worry of switching tools in the middle of cleaning.

Key Features and Details:
  • Adjustable steam level setting.
  • Includes a snap-on glider to refresh carpets plus an extra microfiber pad
  • Triangle head designed to easily clean into corners and hard reach edges.
  • Lightweight design
  • Adjustable temperatures to work on all surfaces


  • Heats from plug-ins to steam in just 20 seconds
  • Kills about 99.9% bacteria on the floors without any cleaning chemicals
  • It is designed to rotate and slide across the floor with ease
  • Microfiber is machine washable up to 25 times.


  • Pipe is not included in the package
The features of the full-size carpet cleaner gives access to hard-to-reach places around the house. It can remove smaller deep-down spots and stains quickly and on the go.

Key Features and Details:
  • 3" tough stain tool
  • 2-in-1 crevice tool to clean deep into crevices and corners with spray and suction
  • Built in heater
  • Lightweight design
  • Tank capacity of 48 ounce
  • Flexible hose, tough stain brush and spraying crevice tool included
  • 9 amps power
  • 1 year warranty
  • Powerful spray and suction clean and help dry in one step


  • Easy to use, carry and clean
  • Versatile cleaning
  • Clean multiple surfaces
  • Stain and odor formula specially designed to loosen and remove stain
  • Heats up to 250°
  • It is easy to clean across many areas of your home with this lightweight machine
  • It is easy to assemble


  • Do not carry appliance while in use
Powerful motor, efficient and well sealed air pathway. It is designed for convenience with its wide brush roll for walk-behind.

Key Features and Details:
  • 9 gallon recovery tank to save time.
  • Upright carpet extractor with motorised brush roll
  • 20" drain outlet valve
  • 17" wide brush tool and 3 solution spray jet for wider cleaning path
  • 12" diameter rear wheel
  • Two stage motor delivers 103" water lift for thorough water extraction


  • Easy maneuvering and transporting during use


  • Pipe is not included in the package

Criteria Used for Evaluation


Steam cleaners must be equipped to be used on a wide range of surface


They come in many different sizes, consider the size.


The best steam cleaners must be equipped with attachment that will help clean certain areas of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does the steam in my steam cleaner last?
A:It depends on how you use the steamer and what pressure setting you choose. Steam can last between 1 – 2 hours.
Q: How long will the steam cleaner last?
A:Generally, expensive models will last you longer for about 5 – 8 years while with less expensive models, you should expect 3 – 6 years.
Q: Can I use a steam cleaner on wood floors?
A:Yes, you can. The best way to steam clean wood floors is to use a thick moisture – absorbent microfiber pad.
Q: Should I use distilled water in my steam cleaner?
A:Yes, you should. Distilled or demineralized water is the best to use. Using hard water such as tap water may damage your machine as mineral residue will start to form with time and block the boiler system resulting in damage.
In order to clean up any scale off the tank, you can use a mixture of baking soda and water. It will flush out mineral buildup in the boiler system.
Q: How long will it take you to clean my tile floor using a steam cleaner?
A:The duration depends on how big the area is. It may take up to 30 minutes. Larger commercial cleanings take longer.

Final Words: The use of one of our top 10 best steam cleaners improves indoor air quality, curtains the physical labor
involved in cleaning and provides a more comprehensive approach to cleaning. The system also mandates
less management time and paperwork.

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